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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Amazon Web Services or Google Compute Engine - Which is Better?

Comparing the pros and cons of Amazon Web Service and the Google Compute Engine.

09 / 21 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

Choosing Where Your Data is Stored Globally: Does it Matter?

A rather hot trend as of late, the issue of storing your enterprise data overseas has some pros and cons.

09 / 20 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

Is Cloud Computing Becoming a Core Competency?

As cloud computing becomes more and more mainstream, many IT experts are now viewing it as a core competency in the field.

08 / 26 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

A Look at Elastifile Software-Defined Storage Platform

Inside the concepts and ideas that are driving the Elastifile software-defined storage platform.

07 / 05 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

Protecting Your Critical Data on the Cloud

Some of the most common threats to the cloud and tips on how you can safeguard your data.

07 / 01 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

An Overview of the Panzura Global File System

Some insight into Panzura's Global File System as well as the company that is behind the innovation.

05 / 14 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

Safeguard The Data in Your Outdated Android

A step-by-step guide to safeguarding the data in an old or outdated Android phone.

04 / 07 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

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